HR Shared Services

Creating potential and delivering an exceptional customer experience

HR Shared Services provides a platform for human resource managers to create potential by streamlining and automating work, to build credibility through the execution of processes, and to improve customer experience with the enablement of digital tools and exceptional services.

Dynateam’s HR Shared Services provides an extensive approach to help our clients through the entire cycle of shared services, from idea to its implementation. Our experienced team gives us the knowledge and capabilities to address the latest trends with shared services.

As companies expand into new markets, the complexity and scope of HR issues increase dramatically. We at Dynateam are driving improvements through establishing our HR shared services.


Let us help

“From concept through implementation”

Our HR Shared Services practice provides a broad-ranging approach to assist our clients through the entire lifecycle of shared services. Whether you require a solution in relation to mentoring or change management. Our experience in handling complex projects gives us the knowledge and capabilities to address the latest trends with shared services.

Establishing clear objectives is a critical step in moving to shared services

Designing and implementing the service module helps in improving customer interactions and driving efficiency. Align shared services to your broader HR operating model and transformation journey. Get the “basics” right to allow HR to focus on higher value activities.

Key trends in HR shared services are:

  • Outsourcing remains an important component of the HR service delivery strategy.
  • HR organizations are increasingly focused on customer-centric models.
  • Consistency and quality, not cost, are the leading drivers for implementing global shared services.
  • Program standardization is a prerequisite to successful shared services design.
  • Many companies employ a globally coordinated strategy with regional service centres.
  • Rigorous change management, centred on HR itself, is a critical success factor.

Keep moving forward and change course to maximize success

The following are some of the key lessons:

  • Understand your organization’s starting point
  • Ensure strong business leadership and sponsorship
  • Don’t underestimate the time it takes to change minds among the HR community

Why choose us

Specialist Approach

Dynateam has a team of recruiting specialists with a keen understanding of the different profession. This allows them to get the better assessment of each candidates' skills and experience.

Due Diligence

We thoroughly research our client’s needs and diligently assess and evaluate their requirements. This gives us a broad foundation from which we target the most qualified professionals to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Extended Reach

Dynateam is well positioned to supply your organization with both local and national professionals who can fit into your organizational culture and meet your specific business goals.

Excellence – Pursuit towards achieving better results every time


Partnership – Power of working together


Integrity – Ethics, trust, transparency, honesty