Training & Development

Training & Development Services

Dynateam is a well-known provider of Training & Development Services. Based in Delhi NCR we provide specialized training workshops with an objective to enable businesses to increase their productivity and performance. We can work with you to identify your employee training needs and also deliver services that meet your company needs.

Employee training and development is a broad term covering multiple kinds of employee learning. Training programs help employees to gain specific knowledge or skills to improve performance in their current roles. Development is a wider term and focuses on employee growth and future performance.

Training & Development

Training Objectives

The key objective is to empower the individuals and workgroups to improve themselves and enhance their skills and attitudes to a competence level, which would be required by them for future assignments. Good training and development programs help you keep the right people and grow profit. As the battle for top talent becomes more competitive, employee training and development programs are more important than ever. Thus, Dynateam provides various programs to engage and develop top talent which impacts retention and business growth.

Our effective employee Training & Development programs provide competitive advantages to organizations in that they equip employees with the correct mindset, updated knowledge and relevant skills. 

Dynateam offers the following assistance to meet your organization’s training challenges and your staff’s individual professional development needs:

  • Training & development function set-up
  • Culture development
  • Due diligence/Acquisition planning
  • Incentive and retention programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Succession planning
  • Employee development program
  • Employee education and training

What we do?

  • Analysis training and development needs
  • Customized training content & innovative delivery methods
  • Modules designed for multiple platforms such as on-job training, online assessment, classroom training & off-site training
  • Innovation in delivering values both to the individual and the organization

Training focuses on upgrading:

  • Personal and Interpersonal skills
  • Managerial Capabilities
  • Develop multiple skills
  • Training Concept

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Corporate Training Program

Mutual Selling Skill
Team Building
Leadership & Managerial Skill Program
Customer Service Program
Technical Training
Management & Customer Relation Program

Why choose us

Specialist Approach

Dynateam has a team of recruiting specialists with a keen understanding of the different profession. This allows them to get the better assessment of each candidates' skills and experience.

Due Diligence

We thoroughly research our client’s needs and diligently assess and evaluate their requirements. This gives us a broad foundation from which we target the most qualified professionals to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Extended Reach

Dynateam is well positioned to supply your organization with both local and national professionals who can fit into your organizational culture and meet your specific business goals.

Excellence – Pursuit towards achieving better results every time


Partnership – Power of working together


Integrity – Ethics, trust, transparency, honesty